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Japan Local Restaurant Map

The Shops can eat local specialties in the immediate vicinity of where you are now your local gourmet map – you can find ! ~

The approximately 10,000 shops in Japan ” your local gourmet “, ” B-grade gourmet ” and ” local food ” ! !

By switching the genre of nine , find the shop of your choice .

○ your local Udon
○ delicious buckwheat
○ new ramen shop
○ shop to eat the Local fish
○ B -grade gourmet local
○ local production for local consumption
○ Japanese food you want to stop by the local
○ Farmers Restaurant
○ your local gourmet Others

Because it has map data, you can find your local gourmet of your choice from the current position .
Because there is the function of search and bookmarks , I can make a favorite gourmet map of your own easily .